It is a big deal

I’m a week away from the one-year mark of my crash at cascade last year. In a week — on July 20, 2012 — I’ll be headed to Copper in preparation for my first-ever Courage Classic, and I anticipate I won’t have time to reflect on this in a week so I’m doing it now.

Hard to believe it was a year ago already. Truly, it has flown. With the benefit of hindsight, I can look back now and see that everything happened for a reason. That it all led to me being right where I was meant to be. That my broken collarbone has given me common ground with my law firm clients is an understatement: I can fully, truly, appreciate, and understand their pain and frustrations, inconveniences, and fears. The entire experience has reformed and reshaped my thoughts about cycling generally, bike racing, and life.

Holding my collar bone together since July, 2011.

Everyone acts like a collarbone break is no big deal — probably because so many in cycling deal with this injury at one point or another. However, it is a big deal. It’s a broken bone that affects your shoulder and arm function, it may be near your heart, it may result in extended PT or rehab, it may result in temporary or permanent nerve damage … and the end result is that you have stainless steel parts in your body. You undergo anesthesia. These procedures are serious. [Read BJM’s story to see just how serious it can become!] I’ve come to realize how lucky I was that I got the care that I did, that my subsequent crash did not result in hardware failure or a new break, and that my shoulder healed so well and my scar is barely noticeable (thanks to Dr Rowland!).

I’ll remember every July 20th…and my hardware won’t ever let me forget the experience.

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By Megan Hottman

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