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Another newsletter chock full of important info and fun details as the ride draws closer:

In This Newsletter:

Rider Almanac
Training Tips by Rob Lockey, Optimized Endurance Services
Nutrition Tips by Skratch Labs
20% off Gear from Skratch Labs
Sharing the Road by Bicycle Colorado
Educational Offerings
The Plain Pedalers
Social Media and I Was There

We can’t wait to see you in September!

Rider Almanac

Rider AlmanacWhether you are a registered participant of our 3-Day Tour, Gran Fondo or Family Loop Ride, you most likely have a number of questions. The 2012 Rider Almanac contains an event timeline as well as information that will help ensure a fun and safe ride this fall! To download the 2012 Rider Almanac, click here.

Training Tips by Rob Lockey, Optimized Endurance Services

Pedal The Plains is fast approaching!

  • Your training should be ramped up with good solid miles.
  • Your weekend rides should now be sustained climbs and rolling hills, focused on increasing your average speeds over longer distances.
    • Try for 30 minutes or more of sustained climbing if you can and get out for an hour or more on a rolling hills course.
  • You did sign up for a ride that has a number of rolling hills, so be specific with your training and get out and practice them.

During the weekdays you should focus on higher intensity, shorter duration rides that will help increase your top speed.

  • Think interval sets of 2 to 1 or even 1 to 1 work to rest ratio at or above your lactate threshold e.g., 6 minute work x 3 minutes rest.
  • You will want to focus on different types of riding during the week versus on weekends in order to improve your overall cycling skills.
    • Doing the same loop, go somewhere else or reverse the loop.
    • This will make you a much stronger cyclist than if you only focused in developing one type of cycling
  • Challenge yourself.

Need structure?

  • It’s not too late to follow the Free Training Plans available on Optimize Endurance Services website.
  • The idea behind the Free Plans is to structure and diversify your training in order to get you as ready as possible for Pedal the Plains.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact OES with questions you may have, we’re here to help!

Nutrition Tips by Skratch Labs

Eat real food
Regardless of diet, preference, or theme what separates a good diet from a great diet are the ingredients you start with. Begin with fresh, whole foods that come in their own wrapper with as many of their parts intact as possible — foods that are minimally processed, grown locally by real farmers.

Don’t ride on empty
Most athletes find that eating about three hours before competition or two hours before training works very well. You’ll need ample time to digest your food. Sometimes athletes will have a little snack, like one of my portable rice cakes or an energy drink, about 30 minutes before competition to keep their blood sugar normal.

Skratch LabsOne thing to realize, though, is that eating too close to beginning a ride can lead to a pretty rough first hour because of how our insulin levels react to eating. If you’re stuck beginning a ride with an empty fuel tank, consider waiting to eat until you’ve started exercising. It’s not an optimal approach, but it’s better than nothing.

Fun Nutrition Facts About the Pros:

  • Pro cyclists need to consume almost three times the amount of calories when racing or training as the average person – about 6000 – 7000 calories per day.
  • Pro cyclists can burn up to 10-15 calories per minute during a hard training session or race – considering these days can last up to 5-6 hours, that is burning anywhere from 3000 to 5500 calories on the bike each day.
  • Pro cyclists consume the majority of the calories from carbohydrates (60 to 70%) in the form of rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, fruits, vegetables, and simple sugars as a base for energy with the rest of their calories coming from proteins (10-15%) from primarily eggs, chicken, fish, and some red meats with the remaining calories coming from fats (15-20%
  • Of the carbohydrates consumed, more than half of those calories consumed on the bicycle are in the form of simple sugars through sports drinks.

Skratch Labs Training Tip of the Day:
CONSISTENCY: it’s more important to train consistently than to try to do too much at one time — a little every day is more important than long training on any given day.

Enter discount code Pedaltheplains2012 for 20% off Skratch Lab products

Sharing the Road by Bicycle Colorado

Bicycle ColoradoCongratulations for being a part of this inaugural cycling event! When riding before and during Pedal The Plains consider the following when sharing roads with cars. Please be a good ambassador of the bicycle community by following the rules of the road as you should when driving your car.

    1. Stop at all red lights and stop signs
      It is best to take your place in the line of traffic
      Accelerate through the intersection, then move right to allow passing
    1. Ride as far right as is safe and be visible
      Use shoulders when available and safe from hazards (potholes, excessive debris, etc.)
      When shoulders are absent, ride 2-3 feet into the roadway, typically the right wheel track of car traffic, for visibility and space to avoid hazards
    1. Signal and look before changing position
      For turns, extend your left or right arm the direction you are turning
      Practice looking over your shoulder at traffic behind; consider a mirror
  1. Lane position
    At intersections with turn lanes, use the correct lane – only use the right turn lane if you are actually turning right
    When riding in a bike lane and approaching a stop sign/light, consider merging into the travel lane and take your turn in traffic

Bicycling is a safe, healthy and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation. Bicycle Colorado works extensively to improve laws and policies to increase the enjoyment of bicycling for all of us.

Bicycle Colorado is the statewide non-profit, supported through membership, protecting and improving bicycling across the state. Become a member at

Educational Offerings

The Pedal The Plains Bicycle Tour (PTP) provides participants with a unique opportunity to learn about and experience the Eastern Plains using all of their senses. Each rider will have a chance to increase their awareness of the Eastern Plains by tasting the food grown in the region, learning from local experts, exploring points of interest with tour guides, meeting local farmers and educators and trying their hand at local crafts and farming techniques.

This experience will be supported by a number of renowned partners including the USDA’s National Resources Conservation Service, History CO, the CO Department of Agriculture, and the local communities, to name a few. Below is a brief overview of the PTP learning experience.

On Route Learning Highlights

  • 80 fun point of interest signs
  • Guided tour of the Kit Carson Wind Farm led by Duke Energy – Riders can get up close and look inside mammoth 1.5 Mw turbine
  • Agriculture 101 stop where riders will have a chance to learn from experts about where their food comes from
  • Tour of Beecher Island Battle ground (details pending)
  • Bonny Res Wildlife Refuge – Exhibits from Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory and Three River Alliance

In-Community Learning Highlights
Numerous hands on educational exhibits and displays from CSU, History CO, Future Farmers of America, 4-H, USDA NRCS, CO Parks and Wildlife on topics such as water, ecology, agriculture, history, wildlife.  Also fun exhibits such as a roping demonstration, shooting gallery, canning and preserving food and massive farm implements on display.

Duke Energy Renewables


Introducing the Plain Pedalers

Plain Pedaler
Meet our 2012 Plain Pedalers: Brian, Megan, and Meredy! These fine folks will be our field correspondents for the next few months – posting about their training and riding experiences throughout the summer, and giving you the inside scoop from Pedal The Plains the entire weekend of the event.

Read more about the Plain Pedalers here, and follow along with them this summer and over the weekend of Pedal The Plains!

Social Media

Follow Pedal the Plains on FacebookI Was ThereCheck out the amazing Pedal The Plains Social Media Enhancer: I Was There! I Was There is the mobile app that we’ll be using leading up to and throughout the weekend to share pics, stories, advice, weather reports, special deals from our partners, and much more! Join now and enjoy great features like:

  • Social media sharing: direct connection to Facebook for status, photo, and video sharing and commenting
  • Event messaging: get messages, updates, and alerts direct from PTP staff
  • Contests: scavenger hunts, best photos, most active members, etc.
  • Participants, observers, and sponsors can share, comment and vote on other participants’ posts
  • Easy access to event merchandise

Nothing to download, just go to on your mobile browser and sign up today.

Like Pedal the Plains on Facebook Connect with tour participants before the ride this September! Become a fan of Pedal The Plains on Facebook and you’ll be able to interact with fellow riders, share photos and videos, post bulletins, take part in exclusive contests, and join discussions.

Follow PTP on TwitterPedal The Plains is on Twitter! Follow @pedaltheplains for the latest updates!


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