2017 Host Communities

Kersey, CO

Kersey, Colorado is where the prairie meets the foothills with a beautiful view of Long’s Peak and the Rocky Mountain Range.  Situated 3 miles east of Greeley, Colorado in Weld County and in the heart of Bronco territory, Kersey lies between the Lower Latham Reservoir and the South Platte River along Highway 34.  Kersey is an agricultural community where we embrace the history, culture and the community spirit our Town was founded upon.

Large ranches, cattle feeding operations, dairies and other farms surround Kersey. 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA) are not just clubs, but a way of life here.  The Platte Valley School District is the home to the only middle school chapter of FFA in Colorado.  Each year the agricultural department, run by students and staff, puts on their own stock show “Little American Royal” that boasts attendance from all over the country. The district is not only well-versed in the ways of farming, but it distinguished in test scores, business, family and consumer science, as well as music. This year Platte Valley High School received the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award for consistently high student growth in English Language Arts, English Language Proficiency, and Math. FBLA had 19 teams and or individuals place in the top 5 in this year’s District 1 Leadership Conference, and they have also been recognized for student achievement in the Stock Market Experience program sponsored by the Colorado Council for Economic Education.

Kersey’s convenient location allows our community to enjoy various recreational opportunities.  We are close to multiple reservoirs for boating, hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching.  With Greeley, Windsor and Fort Collins nearby we also enjoy shopping, restaurants, theaters, and much more.  We have the best of both worlds, small town living with city amenities!

Irrigation is another way of life in the Northeastern Plains. We are planning for three million people to move into our region in the next 20 years, making water our biggest commodity.  This year’s Pedal the Plains route will cross paths with ditches, reservoirs and irrigation districts that help maintain and feed our way of life while trying to conserve water. For more information, visit: townofkersey.com

Keenesburg, CO

The Town of Keenesburg originally named for homesteader Les Keene, was built along the Burlington-Missouri River Railroad line between Denver and Fort Morgan in 1882.  Keenesburg was founded in 1906 when the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad built a depot and requested a post office, which was built in 1907.  Due to confusion with Keene Nebraska the name was then changed to Keenesburg and the town was incorporated in 1919.  Most of the residents at that time raised livestock or were dryland farmers.  By the end of the 1920’s the Henrylyn Irrigation System was completed, and wells were drilled allowing Keenesburg farmers to expand their crop production.

Today Keenesburg has a population of 1195 people, located along the growing I-76 corridor, with Denver International Airport and downtown Denver just 30 minutes away.  We are a flourishing and growing muncipality that is rich in community involvement and agricultural traditions.  We offer small town living with the convenience of all the amenities nearby.  Residents here will giggle and smile when they share our motto: “Home of 500 Happy People and Few Soreheads.”

For more information, visit: townofkeenesburg.com

Brush!, CO

Brush! Colorado is a thriving community on the east side of a budding Morgan County. We have a great heritage, strong rural identity, good people; all of which is why we describe Brush! as Homegrown Happiness!

Like most communities in the west, Brush! was established for economic reasons. It had access to water, rich soil and a good climate to farm in. The famous cattle drive, the Texas Montana Trail, passed right through Brush! where the cowboys would stock up on supplies. Soon after, the railroad line chose Brush! as a destination to construct through. Ever since, Brush! has been a prime location to live and do business. We were even awarded as the Small Community of the Year in 2014 by the Economic Development Council of Colorado, and dubbed by the National Civic League as an All-America City in 2014.

Brush! residents enjoy the rural pace and charm, complete with a forward-thinking City that has made tremendous accomplishments in partnership with our community to establish Brush! as a great place to be. Our calendar stays full each year with all the different sporting, business, and community events throughout the year; such as our 5k runs, golf tournaments, the annual Brush Rodeo, and Oktoberfest. We have great local restaurants, five well-acclaimed parks, a great museum, a community swimming pool, an excellent 9-hole golf course, fishing, roller skating rink, wildlife areas, and phenomenal recreation programs.

For more information, visit: brushchamber.org