How would you like to ride a portion of the TransAmerican Bicycle Trail? It runs 90 miles east/west through their county, with the half-way point of the trail on Highway 96. Eads is the county seat of Kiowa County, an agricultural community in Southeast Colorado.

Eads is rich in history, with the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site just east of town and all it’s artifacts showcased at the Kiowa County Museum. Be sure to check out their way-finding kiosks and maps at their visitor-friendly roadside park!

Eads’ agriculture revolves around dry land corn, grain sorghum, wheat, sunflowers, millet and grass-fed cattle. FFA and 4H are mainstays of their community. Recently, oil and gas exploration is beginning to share a new era.

Eads will entertain at their newly renovated historic Plains Theatre and Artists of the Plains Gallery; or through presentations by the National Park Service and Deep Space Exploration Society. If you just want to be outdoors, you can relax or take part at the horseshoe/shuffleboard park on Maine St. The Kiowa Creek Natural Area Trail, just south of Eads, leads to Jackson’s Pond, ideal for fishing and wildlife watching. They promise not to let you go away hungry by providing nutritious meals in an atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more.

Eads may be a small community, but they will always welcome their visitors with open arms!

For more information on Eads please visit www.eadscolorado.org or www.kcedfonline.org