Packing List

PTP baggage truck will carry one 70 lb. bag per person. We suggest making room for the following items, either in your duffel bag or on your bike. This is not a complete list and should be used only as a guideline for packing.

Luggage will be unprotected once it is unloaded. We recommend using waterproof luggage or lining your bag with plastic trash bags. We strongly recommend a large, soft-sided duffel bag or internal frame backpack. Pedal The Plains will not be responsible for damage to hard-sided luggage, external frame backpacks, or luggage and camping gear strapped together.

Recommended Equipment

• cycling equipment*
• camping equipment**
• clothing and shoes for evenings
• sunscreen & lip balm (this will not be provided by PTP)
• toiletries
• insect repellent
• swimsuit
• supplemental cycling food
• cash
• credit/ATM card
• ID
• leatherman/Swiss Army Knife
• cell phone
• phone/electronics charger
• ziploc bags and/or trash bags (for dirty clothes)

*Cycling Equipment

• approved helmet
• helmet cover/skullcap
• cycling shorts/bibs (minimum of 2)
• cycling jerseys (minimum of 2)
• cycling jacket
• cycling gloves
• cycling shoes (minimum of 2)
• cycling glasses
• shoe covers
• cold & inclement weather gear
• long-sleeved jerseys or shirts
• knee and arm warmers
• tights/leg warmers
• tire levers and patch kit
• small tool kit
• inflation (frame pump or CO2)
• spare tire & tubes
• lock
• white front and red rear light for your bicycle

**Camping Equipment

• tent
• sleeping bag & pad
• towel(s)
• pocket knife
• pocket flashlight/headlamp or lantern
• for indoor lodging, we suggest earplugs, a sleeping blindfold and nasal strips for snore

Click here for downloadable packing list