We’re looking for three or four enthusiastic riders who share our excitement for bike culture in Colorado’s Eastern Plains to join forces with us and become “Plain Pedalers”. Plain Pedalers will help us capture the spirit of Pedal The Plains and tell the story of this fall’s ride and the culture of cycling.

What does it mean to be a Plain Pedaler?

As a Plain Pedaler, you will get one free entry into Pedal The Plains 2014.  You will have the opportunity to tell your story by sharing photos of training, riding and exploring the state during the event, as well as during the weeks leading up to the ride. All of your content will be featured on the Pedal The Plains website and shared by Pedal The Plains social media.

Who is the ideal Plain Pedaler?

The ideal Plain Pedaler is someone with an interesting perspective and a knack for storytelling or photo-taking. They are willing to write a blog post every couple of weeks in the months leading up to the ride, and to post stories or photos every day during the event itself. They are savvy on social media, and willing to participate in conversations and sharing their work online.

How it works:

oneSubmit an entry to our web site

The first step is to submit a photo with a caption, some vital stats, an explanation of why you want to be a Plain Pedaler, and what unique perspective, or identity, you’d bring to the ride. Photos and captions should be selected for humor or to express your love of cycling – people will be voting on their favorites, so choose wisely.

Your personal essay can be about anything involving cycling – why you ride, how you include your family in your hobby, amazing photos of bike culture or past cycling trips, the intensity of the pain you experience while riding…we’re looking for folks who share our wild enthusiasm for the sport, but beyond that the sky’s the limit! In your entry—and in 500 words or less—tell us why you’d be a good Plain Pedaler. Be sure to include any special skills, like photography, writing, or even a social media obsession!

You entries are due by Friday, July 25th.


Get Votes for Your Photo/Caption on the Pedal The Plains Facebook Page

The photo and caption contest is how you get chosen to move on to the second round. Your photos with their captions will be posted on the Pedal The Plains website and Facebook page, and tweeted by @PedalThePlains. The public will vote for their favorite candidates (Facebook likes, comments, and Twitter hashtags will all be tallied), and the winners will be selected as to move on to the second round.

It’s your job to get as many votes as you can, however you can – Facebook posts, email, tweets, flyers in your neighborhood – it’s up to you! We’ll be helping to promote all the photos on our Facebook page, blog, and Twitter, but we’re not going to play favorites.

Online voting ends on Friday, August 1st.

Top 10 Win Prize Pack and Advance to the Next Round

The top 10 finishers in online voting will win a Pedal The Plains koozie and wristband but, more importantly, move on to Round 2 where they will be submitted to a panel of judges (including the Pedal The Plains Ride Director) who will select their favorite entries. This is where your written submission comes into play: are you a great writer, a social media guru, or an awesome photographer? Tell us why you deserve this opportunity.

By August 4th we’ll have picked our winners.

I’m Plain Pedaler—now what?

First of all, congratulations on being selected! Winners will participate throughout the summer and fall by posting photos and stories, training tips, and any other cycling experiences they have on the Pedal The Plains blog. To help get them out riding, Plain Pedalers will automatically get free entry to 2014 Pedal The Plains for themselves, along with schwag from PTP sponsors and other fun prizes. During the ride, Plain Pedalers will have the chance to give the public an insider’s look at Pedal The Plains by writing daily blog posts and updating their own social media networks.


The Fine Print:
If you’re selected as a finalist, we will contact you right away to get you started! One free ride entry is included in the winners’ packets, so you’ll need to start training for Pedal The Plains (or not, it’s up to you!). We’ll talk about what kind of reporting you can provide, and how to work with us as we get closer to ride week.
Each Plain Pedaler will be asked to:
1) Submit a photo (good headshot) and 150-word bio within a week of being notified
2) Meet in person or via phone with social media manager within one week of
selection to discuss specifics requirements and correspondent’s plan
3) Submit and have an approved plan for posts after discussion with social media manager
4) Submit to social media manager 2-3 blog posts per month. 
Blog posts are at most around 500 words, and may consist of photos, captions, or original writing
by the Plain Pedaler. Each post should include AT LEAST two photos.
Suggested topics:
- Introduce yourself and your connection to cycling and Colorado
- Training experiences or updates
- Cycling events experiences
- Photo or video essay (e.g., just photos/videos and captions, no additional text required) of a ride
- Funny or miserable experience
- Inspiring experience or breakthrough
- Bike maintenance or nutrition
- Gear experience or reviews
- Travel/riding in other places inter/nationally
5) Help promote posted blog posts on personal social media sites and a minimum of two relevant social media interactions per month, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, email, personal blog
In return for which, Plain Pedalers will get:
1) Free, guaranteed entry into 2014 Pedal The Plains
2)  Public recognition at events, including PTP Closing Ceremonies, and on website
3) Schwag from Pedal The Plains sponsors
4) The opportunity to promote their cause or tell their stories by sharing their posts and photos of training, riding, and exploring the state of Colorado
Plain Pedalers will work continually with the Pedal The Plains social media manager, who may edit posts for length, clarity, subject matter, and relevance. Every effort will be made to work with Plain Pedalers and make edits in collaboration, but the social media manager reserves the right to make final edits as necessary to post in a timely manner.

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