Training Tips

Pedal The Plains will be here before you know it! Here are some helpful tips to prepare for the event:

At this point in time aim for moderate intensity training during the weekdays. One to two hours at least 3 days during the week

Focus on longer duration and pace drills during weekend rides.

  • Take advantage of the nice weather and go on plenty of outdoor rides.
  • Two to four hour rides on each weekend day.
  • You should notice an increase in your ability to sustain higher speeds on your rides as the ride date gets closer.
  • Long rides can be more enjoyable when you have a friend by your side. If you are thinking of joining a team, visit the Featured Team Page .

You don’t get faster when riding, you get faster when recovering!

Of course the riding is important, and when planned properly will provide the overload needed to stress the system, but recovery is where we truly adapt and see improvement. Experienced riders often do well with 3 weeks of increasing workload (either increased duration or intensity) and one week of easier, shorter rides. New riders, or older riders, often require more recovery and can benefit from a 2-to-1 work to recovery schedule.

Eat early and eat often!

Take some time during your rides to hone your nutrition on the bike, practicing when and what you’re eating. The guidelines for the amount of food you’ll be able to eat AND digest while exercising is 300-350 calories an hour for males, 250-300 calories for females. But you may find that you can eat more (or less) without upsetting your stomach.
There are a multitude of nutrition products on the market; finding items that are easily digestible and give you the energy you need takes some trial and error. Once you find what works, stick with it during the event!