Volunteer in Your Community

Want to Volunteer for Pedal The Plains but can’t commit for a whole weekend? Not a problem! Is PTP coming through your backyard, and you want to help out? Join us for some one day volunteer opportunities.

It’s a unique chance to see Colorado’s high plains, meet lots of wonderful people, eat and drink like royalty, and feel great about contributing to an event that benefits several charities across the Eastern Plains.

1-Day Volunteer Opportunities at HQ

Pedal The Plains  loves incorporating the people in each community to help out on our Tours – both at Headquarters (HQ) and on the Route!  The locals really have the inside scoop for each “hot spot” in town – what’s your favorite restaurant, bar, movie theater? The cyclists want to know!

Available positions:

    • Baggage Crew: unload cyclist baggage from RTR luggage trucks into neat rows. In the morning, help cyclists load baggage into the trucks. Great fundraiser for sports teams, and other groups!
    • Bicycle Corral: secure location where cyclists can leave their bike while not riding. Volunteers will help check out bikes, matching wrist band to bike tag. 
    • Community Information Tent: Hub for all town-related questions. Cyclists want to know your favorite hot spots – who has the best burger, beer, hot springs? Volunteers should be knowledgeable and passionate about your community!
    • Parking Volunteers: responsible for efficiently parking vehicles associated with RTR, including Private Caravan pass holders (RVs and passenger vehicles), staff / vendor / crew / partner parking
    • HQ Floating Volunteers: want to help welcome cyclist into your community and willing to help out anywhere? This is a fun opportunity to get a taste of all things RTR!  

    • Beer Garden: a non-profit group should be chosen to serve the beer in return for a proceeds of the proceeds and all the tips from the Beer Garden.

    1-Day Volunteer Opportunities on the Route

    Volunteer opportunities are a great chance to be out on the course, cheering and helping cyclists while they are on their bikes!

    • Course Marshals: guide cyclists about upcoming turns, hazards, and route direction.
      • One-Day course marshals will be placed near the HQ sites, and assignments can be adjusted upon request (ie: if you see on the route that cyclists are going past your school, we can adjust the position so you are close to the school)
      • Great cyclist interaction!
      • Typical shifts last 3-6 hours

    If you are interested in volunteering for 1-Day, please contact Wally Zediker, PTP Volunteer Coordinator