PTP Shines Light on Familiar Territory in a New Way

I recently completed my third Pedal The Plains (PTP) bicycle tour. It’s a three-day event with a lot of riding, festivities, celebrating communities and seeing things in a new way.

This is the second year I felt like at least part of the tour was in my back yard; familiar roads and communities, some of the roads I’ve cycled by habit. But each year is different, and 2015 is no exception. One of the differences this year is the circle of friends, co-conspirators on the ride, was larger than in previous years.

The fun about Pedal The Plains is it is more than a bike ride. It is like a rolling community fair where each stop has fun moments to an overnight stay to promote itself and encourage a future visit.

It is not for the faint at heart, but also does not require a participant to be a hardcore athlete.

This year’s enjoyment started well before I knew with certainty I would be riding. It started with an afternoon ride when I heard about a few city employees who were riding on Thursday afternoons. Read the rest of this article on

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