“As long as you’re still breathing, you can start a new beginning”

Hi everyone! As this is my first blog post for Pedal the Plains, I’ll introduce myself a bit first. My name is Stacy…. I’m a 43-year-old hairdresser from Littleton who is currently wondering what in the world she has gotten herself into. In the best way possible.
I started cycling last year and had a very difficult time finding time to ride consistently. I am self-employed (as I have been for 15 years), have 2 grown sons, a wonderful relationship that also includes 2 ½ year old twins. Life is BUSY!!! But isn’t that the case for most of us? We all have homes to care for, chores to do, kids to spend time with, grocery shopping, laundry, friends and family…. oh yeah, and work!!
I’ve been reminded of 2 quotes regularly as I’m figuring out what my life on 2 wheels looks like…. Here they are:

If it’s important, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

OUCH. Am I right? I think everyone can relate to those. On a recent ride, I had some scary moments where it felt like my lungs literally closed up. I was wheezing and totally unable to breathe. It was the first time I had to throw in the towel and tell my girlfriend to go get the car. Ugh. Total defeat. As I waited, the tears came. Am I ever going to be able to do this??? As it turns out, I’ve developed exercise induced asthma. And it sucks. And it’s scary. It feels like my body was working against me. After having a little time to digest it, I accepted it. 100%. It is my challenge. Everyone has something. Lack of time. Lack of energy, a physical limitation… or lack of the ability to breathe. I could find a way or use it as an excuse. How much did I want this? So last week, with my trusty lil rescue inhaler in my jersey pocket, we set out. Even though the end of the ride was rough…. 38 miles happened. It’s amazing what a difference being able to breathe can make! Last night, 23 miles. And I felt great. And I’m excited to ride again.

I’m looking forward to everything this sport and Pedal The Plains has to offer. I want to take it all in and let it change me. I hope you all do too….

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