Keenesburg to Brush!

Started out as a cold ride with little sleep & energy (due to the crazy wind last night – it was inTENTS (get it? Intense = “in tents” cause we were camping 🙂 ). Luckily, Matthew & I were prepared with tights & jackets to keep us somewhat warm. We didn’t truly warm up until the lunch stop – where this photo was taken – & the sun finally came up!
With so many cornfields & endless plains, this ride has been scenic, but honestly really difficult. We’re not used to riding back-to-back-to-back like this, so our butts are definitely feelin’ the burn.
So, while we appear to be happy & smiling in this picture, we are secretly in pain & stalling so we don’t have to get back on our bikes. Other than our painful booties, this ride has been great! Looking forward to pumping out the last 70 miles to the finish line in Kersey!
– The Frugal & Free Couple

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