Luggage & Day Bags


Pedal The Plains travels with two Luggage Trucks to transport your luggage from one town to the next. One of the Baggage Trucks will be the “early truck” for you early risers and once it’s filled, it will head to the next town. The “Late Truck” will leave at the times listed below. Please try to load your bags onto the truck before the departure time… once the truck is rolling it won’t stop!

Once you arrive in the next HQ, find the baggage truck area, and you can search for your bag (bags are unloaded by truck, and then by credential color).

Bag Requirements: All registered riders will receive a luggage tag that will match your other credentials.

Late Truck Departure Times:

  • Friday, 9/13 Departing Lamar 12:30pm
  • Saturday, 9/14 - Departing Holly 8:30am
  • Sunday, 9/15 - Departing Springfield 8:30am

Day Bags

New this year!  If you are staying at the hotels in Lamar, then we encourage you to grab a Day Bag and send it on to the Headquarters every day.    This will allow you to get out of your cycling gear and into comfortable clothes you can hang out in while enjoying the hometown festivities in each community.

You can pick up your Day Bag at any of the Registration/Packet Pick-Up.

Important to put your full name and rider # on the Day Bag