Celebrating the Good Life

Celebrating the Good Life: Two Wheels and Environmental Sustainability

Look around you… you’re surrounded by like-minded, bike-loving folks, unbelievable scenery, good food and great beer.

Now look a little closer. The beer in your cup is being served in a corn-based compostable cup destined to stay out of landfills and some of the Tour vehicles are powered by alternative fuels.

Now look down at those legs. They are propelling you through some of Colorado’s most scenic untouched terrain.

What stands out about this ride is the connection to promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. An event such as Pedal The Plains is a perfect model to blend in the ethics of environmental stewardship as we tour across the Eastern Plains.

Pedal The Plains has teamed up with ZeroHero and a host of green sponsors to make an even bigger impact in the cycling world. With the Tread Lightly initiatives, Pedal The Plains has pledged to reduce waste by 75 percent through compost and recycling, promoting compostable vendor products and to offset travel with carbon-saving programs.

In addition to the environment sustainability efforts, our social commitment will foster a positive legacy in the host communities through outreach programs and community grants to a variety of nonprofits. In 2017 we are celebrating the triple bottom line: healthy communities, healthy people and a healthy, vibrant environment.

Teaming up with ZeroHero, cyclists may expect the following:

Carbon Neutral Pedal The Plains

Pedal The Plains has made a commitment to be 100% carbon neutral. All emissions from the production of the ride will be offset by making a donation to the Colorado based nonprofit Trees, Water and People.
Granted, our bikers are promoting optimal “carbon consciousness” each time they crank a pedal, but our event does kick up some dust.

Waste Diversion Efforts

All headquarter sites, entertainment sites and aid stations will be zero waste, diverting 70% or more of our waste from the landfill. ZeroHero will utilize local recycling and composting systems to turn waste into future resources. All food vendors will use recyclable and compostable products. Zero waste is also a state of mind – participants will have opportunities to learn and practice “Leave No Trace” ethics along the route.

Legacy Programs

It’s why we do what we do. Communities we travel through will be the focus of legacy programs, donations and grants, giving special consideration to the promotion of biking culture and healthy lifestyles to our youth. What do bikes and sustainability have in common? They both gain momentum with a little push and get easier the more you practice.

Rolling Out Renewable Fuels

Pedal The Plains will continue to use sustainable fuels in select event vehicles. Biodiesel and ethanol blends will replace petroleum fuels in ZeroHero “sustainability crew” trucks and other ride support vehicles. By using these cleaner-burning, domestic fuels, we’re able to reduce our drag.
Thanks in advance for your efforts to minimize your footprint and waste, leaving a favorable impression on the people of Colorado so that communities continue to embrace Pedal The Plains.