Volunteer All Weekend

One of the best ways to be involved with Pedal The Plains without actually riding it is to volunteer!

PTP travels with a small core group of volunteers who help make this bike tour a success. The PTP Volunteer Crew is a unique group. Some volunteers have been helping since its inception, but some are brand new!

It’s a unique chance to see Colorado’s high plains, meet lots of wonderful people, eat and drink like royalty, and feel great about contributing to an event that benefits several charities across the Eastern Plains.

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone! An event of this nature is dependent on the efforts of friendly and resourceful people. It’s a perfect opportunity to support friends and family on the Tour, or for anyone who wants to combine an adventurous outing with the spirit of volunteerism.

Volunteer Opportunities

HQ Focused

• Baggage Crew: ensure proper transportation of cyclist luggage from town to town
• Start / Finish Crew: set up / strike HQ in each town
• Registration: help with Packet Pick Up and help interested cyclists register for PTP

Route Focused
• Aid Station Captain: set-up, run, and break down Aid Stations so they cyclists can re-hydrate, refuel, and rest every 10-15 miles
• Aid Trucks Drivers: carry all the supplies for the Aid Stations
• AM / PM Signs & Route Marking: ensure proper safety and marking of the route
• Course Marshals: guide cyclists about upcoming turns, hazards, and route direction
• Medical Liaison: provides excellent customer service to injured / sick cyclists and their families
• SAG Driver and Broom Wagon: support cyclists on the route by transporting those in need
• Water Truck: provides water at all aid stations and along the route


  • Discounts on lodging for the weekend
  • Meal coupons for the Community Meals in each town
  • Custom selection of Crew clothing to wear throughout the weekend – (long sleeve, tshirts, and a hat)
  • Detailed instructions and training for each position. There will be one pre-tour orientation in the Denver-area before the tour
  • A fuel card to cover fuel costs during the Tour, sponsored by Suncor
  • CPR certified – PTP will set up CPR certification classes in the Denver area / reimburse up to $50 of a CPR certification class
  • A chance to see Eastern Colorado!
  • Visit with the townspeople, drive on the side roads, have some great food, and grow an appreciation for how beautiful Colorado is – statewide!

Get on the List!

If you are interested in volunteering for the 2021 Pedal The Plains please send us an email at PTP@DenverPost.com