PTP Ride Official

September 13th - 15th, 2019

Ride Official Mission Statement:
Contribute to the overall enjoyment of participants by adding another source for safety information.
Additionally, performing the role of a volunteer ride official should provide an enjoyable experience to the volunteer.

Desirable Background Requirements:

1. Formal bicycle ambassador or traffic skills course training (LCI not required)
2. Extensive experience following the rules of the road while cycling.
3. Knowledge of cycling related laws and responsibilities
4. Background as a role model
5. Desire and/or experience coaching people
6. Skills in diplomacy, ability to deflect and ignore conflict or confrontation

The most important responsibility is to model or demonstrate safe and correct cycling throughout your ride.
If a ride official follows this guideline, they will be making the most important contribution.

A detailed training will take place on the first day of Pedal The Plains, before Opening Ceremonies.

If you are interested in being a Ride Official, please email Wally Zediker PTP Volunteer Coordinator today!